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  • 廣東鏵建設計有限公司前身是江門市建工設計院,成立于1984年。于2009年由國有企業改制并更名為現在的廣東鏵建設計有限公司。是從事工業與民用建筑設計及巖土工程勘察的綜合性公司,在東莞、恩平、貴州、湖南、四川等地設有分支機構,形成了以江門為中點,延伸全國的跨地區、經營的企業。 

    Guangdong Huajian Architectural Design Co.,Ltd.  was formerly named Jiangong Architecture Design Institute Jiangmen,which was established in 1984, and reorganized as Company Limited in 2009 from state-owned company. As a professional and comprehensive design engineering company, Huajian is specialized in industrial and civil construction design as well as geotechnical engineering investigation. The company has formed a trans-regional and integrated management network, having branches in Dongguan, Enping, Guizhou, Hunan and Sichuan with the head quarter located in Jiangmen. 


    Huajian is one of the leading design company in Jiangmen. The company has accessed to 4 qualifications as followed: National A-Grade Qualification Certificate for architecture engineering design, corresponding general contracting and programs management, B-Grade Qualification of geotechnical engineering investigation,as well as Urban planning and Municipal engineering design. Our business covers the entire spectrum of architecture and engineering design, including building and residential block planning, urban planning, Municipal road design, environment and landscape design, interior and exterior decoration, geotechnical project management, general consulting. Huajian is an A-Grade design company with powerful technology offering modern designs and advanced management. In 2006, we passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification.


    Core businesses of Huajian are residential design, industrial building design, public building design. Obedient to our core value that“Excelsior is foundation, Wisdom is beam, Quality is pillar”, Huajian is providing clients with the best and most professional service. With long-term operation, Huajian enjoys professional advantage of excellent design teams, a rich experience in servicing various kinds of clients, and with constant improvement in our management and service system. Design works of Huajian have a high reputation of many years'standing for good quality and won numerous awards in domestic architectural design industry. 


    During more than 30 years’ architecture practice, Huajian creates various kinds of design styles. This does not only reflect individual intelligence and skills, but also shows the company’s innovation and spirit of teamwork. We are devoted to become one of the best design companies in both domestic and international markets. We seek for perfection to provide our clients with the best services. We gather talents to build more value for the public and the society. 


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